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Mr. Arun Panchariya

His Excellency Mr. Panchariya was born and raised in Ahmedabad, He started his career by joining family business in the textiles industry, and traversed through the journey as a Managing Director of a Cooperative Bank in Gujarat and later President of Euram Bank Asia Limited-Dubai. His extensive experience in the financial services sector includes international corporate finance, investment banking, private banking, fund management, fund administration, FX trading, commodities trading, securities trading, brokerage, textile manufacturing, infrastructure development, and housing projects.

In July 2012, Mr. Panchariya decided to accept the challenge of the diplomatic position as Consul General of Liberia to Dubai, which he adopted as his future career, and on successful completion of 7 years in Dubai as Consul General of Liberia, then he had been posted to Argentina by Government of Liberia.

In the Year 2020 - post Covid-19 Situation, he resigned from his consul general position and joined The Global Finance & Capital Limited, UK as Director and settled in London in the year 2021. He is also the director of Panchariya Brothers Investment Holding Limited, a family office that holds an investment portfolio of Renewable energy, IT-Media, Hospitals, Mining, and Real Estate. 

In December 2022 Mr. Arun Panchariya became a diplomat as Chief Inspector for The Organisation of Human rights Defence, OADA-ECOSOC, United Nations. 

Mr. Arun Panchariya is a Diplomat for the Organisation of Human Rights Defence, OADO-ECOSOC, United Nations. Mr. Panchariya has been a diplomat from July 2012 to December 2020, and From December 2022 to till date. Mr. Panchariya has experienced 9+ years as Consul General of Liberia heading the Consulate Mission of Liberia. 


Mr. Arun Panchariya was the Consul General of Liberia. He had been also appointed as Special Advisor on the Special Economic Zone(SEZ) to the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Ministry of State of the government of Liberia.

Before taking up his diplomatic carrier in the year 2012, Mr. Arun Panchariya was a Corporate Financial Advisor and an entrepreneur with over 20 plus years of experience. His hands-on experience has completed 360° angle of the Business world as an entrepreneurial, industrialist, Retail & Investment Banking, Fund Management, Commodity, Fx-platform (currency), Securities & Bonds trader. 

He has gained International Finance & Business experience by working in various positions with many corporate companies, Banking institutions, Governments, and non-government bodies located globally. 

Apart from his diplomat experience, His professional background is in the trading of direct equities, commodities, futures, derivatives, and other market instruments. He has offered advisory services to many Governments on basic infrastructural development i.e. Roads & Bridges, Social Housing, Railways, Power Generation & Transmission, Ports (Seaport, Airport & Dry-port), and Soft Infrastructure i.e. education, health, and agriculture. Similarly, Mr. Panchariya was active in the Private & Investment banking sector, has advised on international offerings for a wide range of international listed and non-listed companies, and has strong ties with debt provider financial institutions and equity sponsors. 

Mr. Panchariya along with the West African Economic and Monetary Union and the West African Development Bank took initiative to setup strategic collaboration arrangement for the effective implementation of REP-II and other regional infrastructure projects in West African region and for that on 9th September 2014, under the leadership of Mr. Panchariya GFCL organized a high profile Investor Forum under the patronage of West African Investment Forum with a tag line of “Invest In UEMOA” in Partnership with West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) and the West African Development Bank (BOAD) whereby projects worth US$21.5 billion were presented to the EPC contractors, Developers, and Bankers for investment, out of which projects worth US$19 billion have been taken up by different Investors/Developers by signing MOU/MOC in the conference.

Heads of State from six countries, two Country Representative for the President and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President & Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai Emirates, were present in Investor meet Forum. 

Mr. Panchariya also gained experience in Balkans for infrastructure project execution, working as the Chairperson of Supervisory Board of GIDC Limited, an entity set up by the Government of Serbia for development of Infrastructure Projects in the Republic of Serbia. 

Mr. Panchariya was the Supervisory Board member of Global Invest AD Limited a collaborative venture between Invest AD, Abu Dhabi Investment Company and GFCL where as GIAD was involved in advising on Infrastructure projects in African countries as well as other international markets. 

In addition, His Excellency Mr. Panchariya was advising various other government and public sector entities for financial modelling for infrastructure projects, social housing and other public private partnership projects. Some of the recent association with the projects includes a government-to-government multipurpose bridge construction project worth USD 2.9 billion in Bangladesh through Government of Malaysia and Oil & Gas Industrial Park with the state Government of Pahang, Malaysia worth USD 2.4 billion. 

Mr. Panchariya won the ‘Asian Leadership in Banking’ award from International Who’s Who. He was awarded the ‘AAA Platinum Business Person of the Year’ at the Asia Achievers Awards in London. Mr. Panchariya has been awarded “Business Excellence” award by A.I.B.F. at the House of Lords, London for “Africa infrastructure initiative”. In 2015, Honourable Mr. Arun Jaitley the Finance Minister of India presented “Non Resident Indian Excellence” award in London to Mr. Panchariya.
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