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Mr. Panchariya is a Diplomat and He is also Recognised in Financial Market as An International Corporate Advisor for medium to large Investment Banking Transactions, PPP project structuring, funding, and financial modeling. 


Mr. Panchariya met Various Government Leaders In his 27 years of Business Experience i.e. Heads of the State, Royals & Rulers Of The State, Bankers, Industrialists, and entrepreneurs.

Current & last 10years involvement;

Organisation for Human Rights Defence, OADO-ECOSOC, United Nations - Diplomat (December 2022 to till date)

Mr. Arun Panchariya has been appointed as Chief Inspector-Diplomat for The Organisation for Human rights Defence, also known as OADO, which is part of the ECOSOC wing of the United Nations. The objectives of the Organizația pentru Apărarea Drepurilor Omului (Organization for Human Rights Defence- OADO) are to investigate Human Rights abuse and misuse, creating Projects and Plans of Action to help resolve any such abuses around the world.

Consul General of Liberia  (July 2012 to December 2020)

  • Consul General of Liberia to Argentina (October 2018 to December 2020)
Mr. Panchariya was recently appointed as Consul General of Liberia to Buenos Aires Argentina and going to establish full consulate mission in Argentina for Liberia. He is the First Consul General of Liberia to Buenos Aires, Argentina by upgrading honorary consulate mission in Argentina.
  • Consul General of Liberia to Dubai (July 2012 to October 2018)
    • Mr. Panchariya was the first consul General of Liberia to Dubai-United Arab Emirates who established the first mission of the Republic of Liberia in UAE i.e. Consulate Mission.
    • During his terms, he strengthen the relationship by & between the Governments of UAE & Liberia by promoting investment into Liberia, during his tenure investment channel opened from UAE to Liberia for Road infrastructure and other soft infrastructure.
    • Received President of Liberia twice during his tenure in Dubai and arranged trade promotion activities and events for Liberia.
    • During Ebola, Mr. Panchariya arranged full support and donation from the Government of UAE to the Government of Liberia.
    • Mr. Panchariya played an active role for Liberia’s support to EXPO2020 program of the Government of Dubai-U.A.E. and arranged tête-à-tête meeting with His Highness Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai.
    • Mr. Panchariya got successful investment support from the Government of Dubai for Liberia’s participation into EXPO 2020 and arranged MOU by & between both the government.
    • Apart from that all routine tasks of a consulate mission i.e. issuance of Visa, travel card in lieu of a passport, in critical time - support to citizens of Liberia in the host country, receiving president of Liberia two times in host country, transit as well as on ground facilities for Government of Liberia’s representatives (Ministers/officials), trade promotion events, charity support for Sponsoring country, attestation.
  • Special Advisor to Minister of State for Presidential Affairs – Liberia. (October 2018 to December 2020)                    Mr. Panchariya has been appointed as Special advisor to the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs of the Government of Liberia for Ministry of State - Liberia. He has been allocated specific tasks for the development of a Special Economic Zone in Buchanan – Liberia. It's more than 1000Hectre development for the attraction of foreign investors and to promote the economy of Liberia by generating new business and trade opportunities as well as the creation of new jobs for Liberians.
  • Ambassador of Asian Development & Investment Bank Limited (From 2015 to 2019                                                                              Mr. Panchariya has been appointed Ambassador of Asian Development & Investment Bank Limited – Malaysia for MENA & Africa Continent. It’s a multilateral bank that focuses mainly on PPP infrastructure development projects.
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